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I have had a passion for photography since my first camera, the Pentax K1000, in the early 80's.  I made the switch to digital in 2003 with the first Canon EOS Rebel.  I have had all Canon equipment since.

I really enjoy the personal satisfaction of taking a beautiful photo. My family has been a huge inspiration to my work and developing my photography skills.  

Helping others record the important moments in their lives, through my photos, is something I enjoy even more.

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Published in:

Trains Magazine
CTC Board / Railroads Illustrated
New Orleans City Business
NMRA Publications
The News-Gazette (Chicago, IL)
St. Tammany Farmer
Images also on display at the LADOT




Southern railfan photographers seem to exist in a class of their own. J. Parker Lamb, Ron Flanary and Chris Rigol (to name just three) are some of the best photographers in our field


Paul D. Schneider, editor
*CTC Board Railroads Illustrated* Magazine

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